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The Chemical Laboratory area where you can find: chemical durability of synthetic materials to solvents, pKa pKb tables for acids and bases, UV cut-off for buffers, pressure converter and recipes for preparation of buffers. more


The Analytical Chemistry area for liquid chromatography users: HPLC pressure converter, data on miscibility and physical properties of solvents, eluotropic series, solvent optimization in isocratic and gradient HPLC, RP-HPLC equal solvent strength conversions, polymer to solvent resistance,  info on PEEK and stainless steel tubing, all you need to know about nuts and ferrules, column properties, column void volume calculatorselection charts and more. more


Lab-tools for chemists. Please take a look at freeware calculators that can make 'lab-life' easier for analytical chemists, specially for LC-IR experts! more

Polymer Analysis

A brief introduction on polymer analysis using Gradient Polymer Elution Chromatography (GPEC); a new technique which separates polymers and copolymers according to their chemical composition. Links to SEC resource sites, examples of GPEC and infrared detection are given and you can download posters. more


A list with polymers and their solvents, abbreviations of commonly used polymers, a selection of scientific literature published and polymer characterization by chromatographic, spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques. For some pages a password is required to enter. more

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Infrared Spectroscopy

The starting page for infrared spectroscopists. Wavelength-to-wavelength and other calculators. A lot of links to all available infrared sites on the web: learning infrared, interpretation of spectra, on-line databases, correlation charts, properties of infrared window materials and optics basics more

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Hot sites on the web and a list for useful Chemistry sites as well, which is analytical oriented. If your favorite site is not in the list, you can mail that particular site to me. more


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sander S.J. Kok is now doing research on gradient polymer elution chromatography GPEC interfacing and coupling infrared FTIR IR detection